Friday, March 30, 2007

Little Blue Men Stole My Pizza...

Why is it we always check the fridge for food when we know there's nothing we want? Are we thinking that maybe something magically appears whenever we close the door? Maybe a new dimension opens up and plants all the food you like right into the fridge each time you close the door and if you open it enough times you'll catch the little blue guys off guard. Maybe you're trying to work up the nerve to eat what you have instead of starving yourself. Or maybe I have it backwards. Maybe you're trying to work up the nerve to starve yourself by looking at all the bad food in your fridge.

Try this, next time you catch yourself looking in the fridge for something to eat that you know isn't there, think of all the ways you might be able to combine what you already have to make it taste better. Or to make it taste worse so that you feel thankful for all the food you have to eat.

Remember, you can survive on bread and water for several months, but why not have ketchup?