Friday, October 1, 2010

Send in the Clones?

I just read an interesting article this morning that was brought to my attention on another website. Apparently, the government is being allowed to continue funding Stem Cell Research.

While I have nothing against researching stem cells, in fact I am all for it, I am a bit preoccupied by what the future might hold. One of the things that came out of this research in the past was a cloned animal. Even back then this raised the question of human cloning. Should it be legal, is it moral, are they still human, all of these questions from 100% original real fabricated wool.

Can you blame them, though? This is a frightening thought! Imagine if you woke one morning to you mowing the lawn and enjoying your family, and you weren't even the one doing it. Not only does the very thought perplex the mind, but it has all kinds of other implications attached. Anyone could be easily replaced with a clone made to do something different with its life as compared with what you wanted.

And you know the first people to get ahold of this technology is going to be the government. Not just because they funded it, but because it would be a great weapon. Imagine the army having cloning technology. At first it would be replacement value for dead soldiers, but then you would just have the clones go to war while the original enjoys the spoils. Suddenly war becomes not unlike most Real-Time Strategy games. As long as you have the money and resources you can create as many troops as you need to win the war. War as a game is not a good thing at all.

What about after the war? What do you do with all of the left over clones? Throw them in storage? Kill them? Let them roam the countryside in search of jobs? Suddenly demand would outweigh supply! You think illegal immigrants are taking away jobs now, just think of what thousands of clones would do! And then there is the matter of rights. Would people honestly give the same rights to clones? It would more than likely be slavery all over again. Clones would get all of the menial tasks that no one else wants. They would pick up trash, clean everything, make deliveries, join the circus, anything that can be done without much thinking or instruction would be given to these poor saps.

After a while of all of this, the clones would revolt against the cloners. Suddenly we'd have a whole new battle around the world. This would be the true World War III. Forget bombs being dropped, we'd have unlimited humans coming at us like terminators. We'd surrender and give them whatever they wanted. However, all they want is a peaceful existence where they can go back to living a normal life. So, having made the clones terraform Mars earlier, they set up a colony there and live out their lives as Martians, where we never hear from them again and cloning becomes banned, not because it is morally wrong, but because they tend to become defective.

So, keep this in mind while we study these stem cells. We may be able to cure cancers and regrow lost limbs, but we'll always be one step away from Defective Clone Slaves from Mars.