Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bouncing blobs riding busses

Ever notice how traffic flows online? Most new sites will be ignored, but on occasion, you'll see this rookie, sitting there with nothing that happens to get all of the traffic because the site has a fat blob that bounces. Most sites that seem to have something great on it, that may even benifit humanity, are left to rot because no one goes there. More people would rather visit than while they're online.

It's rather unnerving, really. That means if someone wanted to post a site informing everyone about a threat, something that could destroy the world, he would need to create a new cute little character that does its own dance before anyone would take any notice. And if he used someone else's fun little blob, he would get flamed, banned, and never be allowed a site again because no one would want to visit his site.

This only seems to apply to relevant information, however. If something totally bogus (say, like, Y2K) popped up online, everyone would FLOCK to it, ignoring the true threat, and purchase the world's largest "End of the World Safe" container of water. Bomb shelters would be built around the world, even though the worst that could happen is a panic attack of every elder in existance and a universal rise in the prices of Twinkies.

If no one shows up for this blog soon, I'm gonna need to get to work on my own little furry thing that dances... Or...