Monday, August 1, 2011

Liberating Cons

What's up with people constantly calling other people Liberals? When did the word "liberal" become an insult in this country? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

"You disagree with what I'm saying? It doesn't matter, you must simply be a Liberal!"

It's as though belonging to a certain group automatically makes you wrong. How does the opponent being a liberal make their arguments any less valid?

And it seems to work for just about any situation, as well.

"I think people should be free to choose what they want."


"Shouldn't we help the mentally disabled?"


"Eggs are rather good as a breakfast food."


"I hate all liberals!"


At one point I was discussing a topic about a woman who was kicked out of a Wal*Mart for wearing a bikini top into the store. Wal*Mart employees at the time claimed it was a health code issue, but Wal*Mart later changed the story to her fighting with people in the store. Neither were the case, she was kicked out because of her looks.

I had made mention of this being a free country, and if Wal*Mart wants to push away their customers with such trivialities, that's up to them.

The response I got was being called a "Libertard" and being told that Liberals were at fault for the country gaining tons of illegal immigrants so that they could vote for Liberals, even after they were dead, and so Liberals could steal from the rich.

… Am I missing something here? What did any of that have to do with the topic at hand?

Further to the point, why isn't it an insult to be called a Conservative? They do all of the same things Liberals do, but they focus on different topics. So why is it okay to be a conservative and not a liberal? It just doesn't make any sense to me.

On a side note, I am neither liberal nor conservative. I believe both parties to be corrupt hypocrites that really should be removed from the political arena. I prefer the title of Progressive, as I prefer the country to make progress, move forward as a society.

Do any of the "Libertards" or "Conmen" have a problem with progress?