Monday, August 13, 2007

Jane is right!

What’s this? A picture in the blog? How did that get there?

Well, it’s not a malfunction, but an illustration. I read an article today talking about a new car that has been made by a company called Tesla. It can go 130 MPH, 250 miles per tank, and 0-60 in 4 seconds.

Doesn’t sound that great? What if I told you it was an electric car? Pure, 100% electricity. No gas needed. They never even thought to install the exhaust pipe, because it has no emissions. Now, if you think about a car this cool, going 130 MPH for 250 miles on one charge of electricity... it’s not even a two hour drive, but that’s still pretty good for an electric car. Especially considering the price is only $80,000-$120,000. That’s a lot of money for a car, but that’s pretty cheap if you consider the price of gas nowadays. Believe me, it costs a lot less to charge your car instead of guzzling our fossil fuels.

While we’re on the subject of cool rides, anyone catch that advertisement about the new Mercedes-Benz rumored to be in production? Yeah, I know, another first for me, links in the blog. Anyway, according to this sight, assuming the rumor is true, cars will soon have no steering wheel. Instead, they will be replaced by very sensitive joystick-controls that will give you even better control over the vehicle. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m anxiously awaiting that day.

Oh, and why has it taken so long for people to realize the obvious answer to our fuel shortages, anyway? Or the main problem behind traffic accidents? It’s been known for a while now that we could power a car with electricity, and we’ve had working cars of this type made a while ago, so why is it just now starting to become widely available to the public at an almost affordable price? I would have thought they would have done this years ago. As for the traffic accidents, it’s mainly due to gamers getting behind the wheel. They’re used to video game physics, not real life! Anyone who has a driving simulator game and a steering wheel controller, knows what I mean. In real life, you want to turn a direction, you rotate the wheel until you’re going the way you want, then you turn it back the same amount. In a game, you turn the wheel until it stops turning (about 120 degrees) then let go when you’re done and it snaps back or you bring it back to center with a jerk. More gamers have used joysticks to steer a car then they have used realistic steering wheels. I think the new Mercedes was an obvious choice for upgrading.

Now, if they combine these technologies, have a fully electronic car with “Gamer-Friendly” controls, I think traffic accidents will go down and gas prices will decline, since newer cars won’t need them.

If only we could get them to fly, then we’d be in Jetson’s territory, and that sounds good to me.

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Ginny said...

Why not an electric car? It would help a whole lot with global warming? If we really have that! Our sending things to outer space might have a lot to do with that.
Yes, why not a car with a joystick. After all they are making lawn mowers with them and they are able to get much closer to the edges of where they are mowing. And they can turn very well too. I saw the car with the joy stick for a steering wheel and it sounds like a very good idea. There have been all kinds of alternatives out there for running our vehicles, but the oil companies don't want to let the inventors use them. They buy them out and they never make the market. We the public are made to pay the higher prices so they can sit back and gloat in all the money they are making from their oil products. This article needs to be published where the general public can read it. Very good job. Keep up the good work. Ginny