Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Gods We Lust

Last time I wrote about a strange topic, now it’s time for a touchy subject.

Is there a god?

This could get very long. I’m not specifically referring to the most famous god, known only as God, but all of the other gods as well.

“Other gods? BLASPHEMER!

It’s true, there are many gods that have followers, all over the world. Some of them aren’t even referred to as ‘gods’ but actually called deities or saints or holy icons. But, if these gods do exist, where are they? Where is the proof they exist in the first place? Then again, where is the proof that they don’t? Since it would take to long to talk about them all, let’s deal with the biggest fish in the proverbial see, God, Himself.

Let’s start with the basics of the first, the proof that gods exist. This is very hard to find, considering we might not even be liked by the gods we worship. Let’s say that God is just like the Christianity buffs say He is, all powerful, all knowing. If He did have all the power in the universe and beyond, and He knew everything, then why did He make us? Why are we so important? These are a few of the questions asked to try to disprove God. There is a simple answer, assuming God exists. We aren’t important at all. At least, not yet. If God is the only god in existence, like the Christians think, don’t you think he might get bored? Just sitting up there on his ‘cloud’ waiting for something new, which he knew about already? The bible says we were given souls and freewill. I find no reason to give humans such dangerous tools, unless there were very specific reasons, and I think I know what those are. Freewill is purely for the purpose of God’s entertainment, and the soul is there just in case we screw up. It’s not exactly proof, but I think it’s the closest we can get, rationalizing things to the best of our ability. The only way we would become important is if we found a way to become gods, ourselves, which would give Him people to talk to, to pass the time, as it were.

Okay, now that we are half-way through this post, let’s start in on the other side, proof that gods don’t exist. Again, to save space, I must refrain from discussing all the gods and default to the most famous one. I’m wasting enough of your time as it is.

Let’s try to find those two basic elements that ‘proved’ God exists. We’ll start with the soul. Where is it located? Where does it go when someone dies? According to religion, the soul is all over and goes to heaven when you die or, in some spin-offs, it floats into a new body. Well, if we are being recycled, that’s one thing, but if it just gets stored into a high up place for all eternity, then Someone didn’t plan things out too well. That’s not that great, but let’s move on anyway. Let’s go with the big one, freewill. What is freewill? Last I knew, it was the freedom to make choices. Well, the brain is what allows you to make those ‘choices’ that you love so much. But, the brain is simply a series of electrical pulses reacting to information given. There’s no 50-50 about it or any other variable. Just a series of If ‘this’ Then ‘this’ statements. That doesn’t sound like freewill to me. That sounds like programming. So, either God programmed us to do something specific, which he could have done all by himself, or we are simply flesh machines that are just running programs. Even myself, as I type this, am responding simply to information that is being transported into my head through nerves connected to my hands and eyes. Again, not good proof, but it might be the best we can ‘come up’ with.

Well, this has certainly been very long. But look at what we’ve accomplished! Whole nations have gone to war over something so vague that might not even exist. I bet the religious people will have a field day with this one.

Bah, let ‘em eat.

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