Monday, June 11, 2007

My kingdom for a donkey!

There comes a time in every man's life when he must look adversity in the eye. A time when he needs to stand up for himself and make things how he wishes them to be. He must realize that nothing is going to change unless he does it himself. A declaration must be made.

No longer shall he be a slave to the people around him! No longer will he rest while the world passes him by! He shall stand tall, press on and make the world see things his way! There is only one way he can do this, and it is the noblest way possible. He must go on a journey. The man must search high and low for what he desires. He must turn over every leaf he finds, round every corner. He shall not rest until his journey is through.

He must reclaim his kingdom, for it has grown restless and has strayed through the years he has sat still. They must all join him in his quest, discovering themselves along the way. There will be hardships and mourning, but this journey will come to an end. It must. If it continues for too long, their world shall never change.

Unfortunately, this path never ends well. Hunger lingers. Thirst envelopes. The supplies run low. Nothing is meant to last. Eventually, the man gives up hope and begins to go mad. He nearly destroys his kingdom, searching one final time. His followers leave him be, returning to the life they knew not long ago. When the man tires, he runs to the outside world and screams at the top of his lungs!



Anonymous said...

This article really throws you for a loop. You think that you are going to be serious, and then you find that you are talking about the almighty remote that people like your grandfather can't live without. This one is a lot different then the ones that you have been writing. But, it is still good.

LB said...

very nice i loved reading it hehe

John said...

hahaha, it made me laugh!