Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Early warning, Late response

Ever wonder how you feel something? Going about it scientifically, you touch something, the signal is created by the nerves, the signal is sent to the brain, the brain interprets the signal into a feeling… but why do you feel it in the exact spot? If the brain sends a signal back down to that spot, what happens to that signal? The signal would only cause the reaction, which would then need to be interpreted. You actually feel the object you touch, and it even happens instantly, but why? I guess I should have paid more attention in Health/Science class.

But what about this? A study was conducted, testing the response and response time of a few different people, using completely random images, sounds, or sensations. However, they noticed that the body prepared itself for each and every response, before the incident took place. The machines recorded that every response was anticipated by the brain before the machine had even picked the next item to test. This test was done several times, with the same results. The only conclusion is that the brain must have known ahead of time what would happen, and sent the signal at the right moment to align the feeling with when it should be triggered. If taken this way, that would mean that your mind knew you were going to read this before “you” did. Now if it weren’t for the machines proving otherwise, one would speculate that we might simply be reacting/seeing/feeling everything a few moments after the brain’s reaction to it. However, the machines showed that it was not like that. Instead, the brain prepares for events before they even happen, before anyone even knows that they will happen.

Think about that for a moment before reading this sentence. If mankind (and womankind) were able to react the instant the brain interpreted something, we could act before something happened, possibly preventing it from happening. If the brain can see into the future, even by less than a second, and we could control this to allow us to react at the same speed, we could avoid many things. Starting off, fewer people would burn themselves. Perhaps, with further control, we could avoid collisions on the highways. With great practice, we might even be able to stop wars.

I know, this is going a bit overboard. We’re only talking about a small instance in time, after all. But that small amount of foresight, could mean a great deal to the people of today. You’re about to be shot, the brain prepares to react to the shot. You don’t even know it’s happening. You’re hit, you react, you die. On the other hand, your brain notices and reacts to the shot, rather than preparing for it. Instead of the usual reaction of shock and pain, you dodge the bullet, before it fires, and get away with your life intact. If you were a president, and that was a misfire, you just adverted your own death and a major war. Congratulations.

Unfortunately, I have serious doubts about this ever happening. See, by the time we learn to control that part of our minds, we will have more of it to use, and more to control in that region. So we still won’t be able to control it.

It was a nice thought. Although, who needs slight foresight, when you can use telepathy.

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Ginny said...

A very good incite. But, if your brain got the signals, so would the brain of the person chosing to do something to you. So, it would be a no win situtation. Maybe that's why we haven't gone that far yet. Even though I believe there are people out there who have just that sort of feeling in they brain or body. They are a special sort of people. I believe that some of the movies and TV shows are based on that sort of thing. They just don't want you to know it's real. Another good article. Ginny