Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is there a doctor named House?

Ever wonder about traveling to other dimensions? Let’s set aside the debate on whether or not other dimensions exist and focus on the ‘yes’ side of the debate. Assuming that they do exist, how would you travel to one? I’m sure quite a few of the other dimensions are wondering the same thing. I have a theory for you all, if you care to listen to it. It’s so strange, yet so very possible at the same time, that it will either make you think or make you laugh thinking about it.


Hold off on the weird looks for a bit and let me explain. You see, the studios of Hollywood and such don’t want you to know that all of their television programs and movies are actually recordings of other dimensions, jazzed up to look like something we made. Sure, there are an awful lot of real shows and movies out there that we made, but only to keep the secret of the other dimensions out of the public’s hands. Can you imagine what we could do with the technology at Hollywood’s disposal? Ofcourse, they can only see through the dimensions by folding space and time, pinpointing the exact location of an event and setting their DVDs to record. Not much we can do there. But we could see possibilities for our own dimension by looking at similar ones. If you glance at the dimension next to us, you can see what might have happened had we picked the opposite side of a recent event. What if we had stayed out of Iraq? Interesting viewpoint, don’t you think?

“Wait, something doesn’t make sense… If we are looking into alternate dimensions, why are there actors here that look exactly like the people we watch?”

Simple. These are alternate dimensions with similar people. If you go far enough out of the current spectrum of realities, you will find some bizarre situations. Maybe, in an alternate dimension, Kiefer Sutherland is actually named Jack Bower and he actually is a powerhouse guy from CTU. We call him Kiefer Sutherland here, they call him Jack Bower there. Same person, different family choices. Kiefer Sutherland in our dimension just takes credit for everything Jack Bower does. They are the same person, so he can act the right way to pull it off. They may have even given him the role recently, due to certain things changing in the other dimension. Maybe the real Jack died, maybe he saved everyone, including his first wife, and never had another day like that one. Perhaps, from the end of season one on, Kiefer has taken over. But, we’re getting a bit off topic here.

So, if Hollywood and similar companies can see into other dimensions, why haven’t they told everyone else yet? Obviously, they want to keep it to themselves to make money. That, and, if the government got a hold of this information they would take the technology, kill everyone involved in some massive viral attack, pass it off as another attack from Bin Laden, and examine what the other dimensions have done to ‘better’ the lives of everyone in this dimension. Ofcourse, there is the undeniable fact that they would try their hardest to make a gateway between the dimensions in order to take over the other dimensions as well, but that’s another story altogether that we will not hear about until the collapse of the ‘free’ world.

Sounds a bit nuts, don’t it? Sounds like I’m a bit ‘touched’ in the head? Well, I’ll have you know, you’re probably right. But if I’m not, then you gotta prepare yourselves for when you finally get to see the other end of the dimensional-multiverse, and find out how your life would have turned out if you had acted differently in key situations.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Ginny said...

You have a good theory. I have often wondered if there is people from another dimension. I think there is. We just never know. If more people could read your blogs, there would be more of incite in to it. I think there are machines out there that will take a person into another dimension. I just think our government isn't talking about it. Keep up the good work. Ginny

PinkSkull said...

When i was a kid i used to think that maybe WE were inside the tv.. and some people from other dimension were watching our lives in their living rooms o.o