Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Humbug

I bet you came to this site, hoping to see another Valentine’s Day blog. Another cute little story about how I met this girl, and we’ve been in love for years now, and I got her this cute little bear that had a white shirt on with a red heart, and it was holding a single piece of chocolate fudge with a mint center and it was the sweetest thing ever.


Well too bad! I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction of a traditional blog entry for this holiday. Why? Because the people that celebrate this holiday don’t care about anyone but themselves! All they are interested in is helping out their relationship with their guy or girl. What about the people who have no such relationship? What about the people that broke up and have no one to go to? What about the people that have not found their ‘significant other’ yet? How are these people supposed to celebrate Valentine’s Day? What do you want them to do, give a heart-shaped box of chocolates to themselves? I think they feel bad enough without that pity party. What about setting them up on a date? I bet you know many friends that they might like. What a great gift on Valentine’s Day, setting your friend up on a blind date with the first person you can think of. Haven’t they been tortured enough?

Ah, but those people will be fine. They’ve survived this day before, and they’ll find love eventually. But if you won’t hold back your love and chocolates for those that have not, then think of the poor Hermit. Think of the old man, living by himself in the house on the hill. Everyone knows him. He’s the mean old man who has nobody and wants nobody. All he wants is to be left alone. He hates it when a random girl in pigtails and shorts walks up to his house, rings his doorbell and slides a valentine under his door, giggling, because they think he’s lonely and just wants somebody to love him. Well, he’s not lonely! In fact, he loves the peace and quiet of his home, and would rather die than associate with the likes of you! And he hates the people that celebrate this day the most! He can’t stand glancing out his window to find people kissing and hugging and smooching and cuddling and walking down the sidewalk, holding hands and giving each other little hearts or cards with a naked kid on it with wings. The Hermit would like nothing better than to forget the world and forget this day. But everyone just keeps bugging him about it.

So, for once in your lives, please, be kind to someone other than yourselves today. Think of the Hermit.

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