Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Is this whining or just a really creative joke?

What's with all of these people that say they made something? "I made some carrots earlier today." No you didn't. You bought carrots at the store, placed them in water and boiled them for a while.

Just once, I wanna be standing next to someone while they say, "I made breakfast today. I raised a hen, a rooster, a cow, and a pig from birth until they were at just the right age to allow for that supreme flavor. At which point, I slaughtered the pig, don't tell the kids, grabbed a few eggs and a healthy dose of milk from Betsy. Afterward, I went out back and plucked a couple of fresh oranges from a patch of trees that I've been growing since I was a kid and made me some orange juice to go with my bacon and scambled eggs."

Man I'd love to meet someone like that. Wouldn't you? Just so you could pop a TV dinner in the microwave and tell them, "Get a life!"

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ginny1936 said...

I like your idea about the way people say they have done something but, they really haven't. For example they say they washed clothes today. They didn't do it. The Washing machine did it. and the dryer dryed them. Yet they say they are so tired. lol Now, If they used a wash board and scrubbed up and down on the clothes, you could say they did a washing. By the way I've done this. Also When you say get a life. That is a life for most of your farmers. Think about that. Grandma